Emilio Chavez

Capitol Hill · Seattle, WA 98102 · (360) 450-5456 · emilio.chavez@seattlecolleges.edu

As an aspiring project manager I have been able to mold the needs of an organization to reflect their mission goals into a canvas of code. I find fulfillment in collaborating with progressive individuals, dedicated to improving the human condition, by applying solutions using current technologies. My goals through web design and project management are to move society to progress forward with a global perspective and intrinsically smarter.


Project Manager / Designer

Seattle Central College - The Seattle Collegian - Seattle, WA
  • As web manager I am responsible for maintaining, designing or developing the website to meet the organizational needs of the publication. Updates are made periodically on the website and social media, access/privileges/emails are created. Increased social media by 700% and website hits by 300% over 3 mo. period.
  • Visit Site: Seattle Central College - The Seattle Collegian
11/2017 - Present

Web Designer / Project Manager

Havana Mary Cafe' - Concept Theme
  • Concept idea used for academic purposes to build upon the coding skills, design concepts, applications theories. At some point this will be a portfolio site to showcase all the work I have completed. Unfortunately, with my present website project and school schedule I do not have the time. Feel free to poke around. You can also visit havanamary.com to see the what current design software I am working with.
  • Visit Site: Havana Mary Cafe'
9/2017 - Present

Project Manager / Designer

Seattle Central College - IT Programs - Seattle, WA
  • Proposed, designed, managed web team of 5. Worked as liaison between designers and developers. Ensured timeliness of deliverables. Maintained ongoing communications with client. Organized weekly pair coding sessions. Set expectations and distributed design and development work accordingly.
  • Visit Site: Seattle Central College - IT Programs
9/2017 - 3/2018

Communication Coordinator / Web Designer

Seattle Central College PTK-Alpha Chi Zeta Chapter - Seattle, WA
  • School honor society coordinator of social media, website management, print designs and student engagement. Created and lead communication subcommittee with 12 members to promote knowledge of the field and assist with ongoing marketing events. Increased social media engagement by 25%.
  • Visit Site: Phi Theta Kappa - Alpha Chi Zeta
9/2017 - 6/2018

Web Designer

Winding Path - Seattle, WA
  • Website design for start-up non-profit organization working with formerly incarcerated students providing rehabilitative social services. Created concept design and developed website. Maintained ongoing communications with client to provide implementation of ideas expressed.
  • Visit Site: Winding Path Re-Entry Navigation
1/2017 - 3/2017

Web Designer

Lifelong Thrift Store - Seattle, Washington
  • Non-Profit associate and web designer. Collaborated with ownership on social media and web presence. Impressions increased by up to 150% monthly. Departmental redesigns increased sales by up to 130% monthly. Created and coordinated community outreach and awareness.
  • Visit Site: Lifelong Aids Alliance Thrift Store
5/2016 - 11/2016


Bachelor of Arts - Integrated Strategic Communications

Washington State College / Edward R. Murrow School of Communications
January 2019 - Present

Associate of Science - Web Design

Seattle Central College
January 2017 - Present

Grant Writing Fundamentals Certificate

Seattle Central College
October 2015

Paralegal Certificate

Seattle Central College
December 2014

Associate in Arts Degree - Architecture

Miami-Dade College
December 2013

Awards & Certifications

  • All Washington Award Winner 2018
  • Seattle Central College - President's List
  • Seattle Central College - Dean’s List
  • Seattle Central Honor Society - Phi Theta Kappa - Alpha Chi Zeta
  • Seattle Central Scholarship Foundation - Florence E. Galbraith Scholarship Recipient
  • Seattle Goodwill Industries - Successful Grant Request Funding
  • Seattle Goodwill Industries Mentorship Program - Employee Education Specialist
  • Seattle Goodwill Mentorship Program - Marketing and Development