Premiere Draft Footage

Idea and Inspiration
• What did you decide to create for this project? How does this project idea relate to your course topic?Design Process

I originally wanted to created a advertisement for my blog which included the Audition project audio. Unfortunately, the weather and my schedule did not allow me to capture the elements of the video I will eventually create. I decided to focus then on one element of my blog that I could create a video on which only involved me and my space. Since I will be talking and showing how to do crafts I decided to build a piece of Ikea furniture which I as a hobby like to modify.  So I considered what I learned from the Lessons and Tutorials, looked at some videos which already exist online building Ikea furniture and decided to make one for myself.

• What design influences or principles inspired you? What research did you do to inform your design and idea?

What influenced the method of my film was 3 x 3 method. I looked at other videos and often they were shot entirely from one angle.

• What is the significance of the elements in your design?

I wanted my video to be fun. Building Ikea furniture can be boring to see being done so I wanted to keep the audiences attention by changing the angles and adding transitions and text throughout to keep the viewer engage.

• What was your design process, from beginning to end? (Use terms and principles from the course readings to explain your design choices.)Technical Detail

It was difficult to get the right lighting in my room to capture the building process. My overhead lighting is florescent and was not sufficient when I was filming. It was very grey outside my room looked ominous. I was late submitting my assignment because I had to wait until it was bright enough outside to film inside with the windows open to capture the right lighting.

I am an expert an building Ikea furniture. This was an advantage as my camera would only let me film for thirty minutes. I knew I would have to plan accordingly and could get the filming done without worrying about running out of memory on the camera. I am using the Ikea Rast as a nightstand and bought two of them. I practiced with the first one to work out my story board.  This helped also with being able to build the second piece with enough time available on the camera.

• How did you collect or create the elements used to create your project?

I filmed and collected all the footage in my room.  I had to move all the furniture to one side to create the effect of a open space without clutter. This made for an uncomfortable couple of days in my room while I waited for the weather to give out some sun to capture the footage.

• What was your process for constructing your project using Adobe software? What tools and techniques did you use? What technical challenges did you encounter with the software or specific tools? What solutions did you find, and do you have tips for anyone else encountering the same problem?Sources and Materials

The tutorials were not useful at all for this assignment. I had to go on Lynda to learn how to use the program and google some trouble shooting. At first all my footage was green. This had to do with my graphics card and had to google a solution. Then there was an issue with the behavior of the program on my computer.  Despite my PC being new and more than adequate for Adobe Software there were some bugs which I figured would only go away if every time I made a change I would save the project. This was time consuming.

The most effective tool I used was the one associate with adjusting the speed. This was a crucial, in order to get a lot of filming crunched into a short amount of time. Another to which I found useful was the Morph transition effect. When I was putting the drawer knobs on the drawers one split in half. So, I went and took out a drawer from the other nightstand and pretended to screw in the drawers. I was able to edit and morph the video so you can’t see I when I had to get up and improvise. This was very cool.

• Cite any materials used in your project that you did not create yourself.

I used Adobe Premiere Essential Training. It is actually is much better at teaching Adobe Software products than this class. You do not need to pay for it either. You can access it free through your library card membership at least in King County. Tell your friends.

Premiere Pro CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics