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Emilio Chavez

Tesla Automotive – Creative Brief

The Creative Brief Objective Develop brand-driven storytelling for xennials that is omnichannel, hyperlocal, and purpose-led to communicate the bleeding-edge performance of Tesla in the used…

Adobe Premiere: Final Draft Video

I originally wanted to created a advertisement for my blog which included the Audition project audio. Unfortunately, the weather and my schedule did not allow…

Premiere Draft Footage

Idea and Inspiration• What did you decide to create for this project? How does this project idea relate to your course topic?Design Process I originally…

Premiere Tutorials

Shooting and Sequencing unedited video (3-5 minutes) Shooting and Sequencing edited video (30-40 seconds) Effects and Keyframes edited video (30-50 seconds)

Audition Tutorials

Interview – Where would you travel? Interview Recap – Murrow Countdown Ordered Countdown Unedited

Havana Mary – Illustrator Logo Design

Designing a logo for yourself can prove to be a difficult process. You either have no idea how your logo is going to look or…

Disclaimer: (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) This is a student website used for showcasing the work I have completed throughout my education and work experience while attending university.