Seattle Collegian

Conceptualize, develop and implement an online news publication for the Seattle Central College student body.

Image of Computer displaying Seattle Collegian homespage

I served as a project manager, web and brand designer, and then as Web Manager of the editorial team for Seattle Collegian.

We developed a two phase website launch which included multiple template layouts, We developed a two-phase website launch which included multiple template layouts, brand designs, and identity conceptualization on numerous social media platforms while meeting expedited deadline requirements.

“Emilio and his team were instrumental in launching our student news platform, working closely with us to get off the ground quickly and training us to operate the site’s backend. The project would not have been possible without his strong customer service skills and team leadership.”

Joshua Scott – Editor-in-Chief


Do students still read news publications? Established in the Fall of 1966, City Collegian ran as a student print newspaper till 2008. Later from 2008 to 2014, the Central Circuit ran as a magazine for the college. Despite awards throughout its history, the editorial board was disbanded twice because there was no faculty adviser to oversee the student-run publication. With a new advisor, I was dared to re-establish the school’s news publication with a fresh look but maintain its ties to the past.


We developed a two-phase website launch that included multiple template layouts, brand designs, and identity conceptualization on numerous social media platforms. The first phase launch was to be executed in seven days, YES 7 Days! Suddenly, I had to put together a team of fantastic web design and web developing students with a full schedule that love to overachieve. Because more work is fun, all the while, I was working with the editor-in-chief daily, meeting with other school boards and faculty committees periodically to ensure we were meeting their deliverable deadlines.


BEAUTIFUL and fresh off the internet press! It’s like VOX met the New York Times and had a baby. The Seattle Collegian launched in March of 2018 just as finals for the quarter were underway and we were exhausted but happy. The first two phases went to live on the internet for an entire year. I was brought on as the web manager and maintained the functionality of the website. At the same time, I focused on creating the brand and expanding fellowship across social media platforms with the student body. I was able to solidify my social media skills by providing ongoing analytical reports and improve our following by over 30% year-over-year by adapting our marketing strategies. The current iteration grew more like mommy, the NYT’s, as newer editorial boards came on. I also realized making it more mainstream would hold up better with time and allow future web designers and or developers students plenty of room to leave their legacy.

Office Remodel

Yes! I went as far as proposing an office remodel that made it look like Clark Kent worked there too. The remodel included desks for all board members, space for a lounge, and a multimedia room for recording video and audio.

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