Conceptualized and developed digital content and social media campaign for a fictional organization that works with at-risk populations.

I have conceptualized and created specified elements such as brand, mission, website, social media channels, and digital assets.

Optimized, promoted, and analyzed content through search engine optimization, social media platforms, and other traditional outlets to understand the use of best practices, tactics, tools, and resources available for executing a digital media campaign.

“Someone is going to say something really nice about me here”

Emilio Chavez

Project Scope

Develop digital content and social media campaign for a fictional organization. I have conceptualized and created specified elements such as brand mission, website, social media channels, and digital assets. Optimized, promoted, and analyzed content through search engines, social platforms, and other traditional outlets to understand best practices of tactics, tools, and resources available.

Executive Summary

According to a Tribune survey in 2018, estimated three-thousand-three-hundred public school students in Snohomish County’s fifteen districts were experiencing homelessness. As the rate of the population continues to grow in our county, so will the need for social services for at-risk youth. Research on various programs that provide services and resources to at-risk youth suggests there is a need for improvement of the platforms used to deliver these services as well as continued collaborative efforts between county government, local communities, and agencies.

“WA: Snohomish” by GD Taber, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Snohomish County presently has three non-profit organizations that provide immediate to permanent services for at-risk youth. However, these programs are struggling to meet the demand for the permanent long-term housing needs of at-risk youth as well as other vital services for the current population. The data available only accounts for those at-risk youth who have received assistance through an organization, and it is difficult to make public due to the Child Online Protection Act restrictions.  The challenge with data reporting on services given to the youth is the inability to keep track of youth, which age out of programs and continue to need assistance. There is a need for a service that acts as an umbrella of services available within Snohomish County, both non-profit and for-profit, for at-risk for all age levels.

“Big Data Analytics” by GABITOLASSO, license CC PDM 1.0

Advancements in data collection methods and analytic reporting allow for resources provided to at-risk populations without risk to a service provider. There is an opportunity to make information available to a seeker of services as well as report to service providers which services are needed and accessible through the creation of a website application that provides referrals to services and resource information in Snohomish County. The online resource service will provide at-risk youth, families, and individuals with the tools to remediate issues on shelter, therapy, family reunification, education, addiction management, or getting a nutritional meal. The research suggested the acronym S.T.R.E.A.M. is suitable for categorizing these needs that encompass in which an individual can maintain subsistence and contribute as a community member in our society. The information on local resources and services on a website can provide at-risk populations with access if designed in a user-friendly manner. Information such as search requests, clicks, session hits, and other valuable inputs can be recorded from a visitor while complying with federal regulations.













County residents, governments, for-profits and non-profits can all benefit from the creation of an internet service application portal providing resources and services to at-risk populations. Residents can rest assured during a crisis there is a service available to them twenty-four hours a day for support and assistance. Governments, for-profits, and non-profits can use the gathered information for funding purposes, increasing, reducing, or changing services based on sample population demands.  An online county community resource service is a logical solution based on internet trends and methods for the consumption of online materials for at-risk youth, adult individuals, and families for a growing population.

Market Analysis

Washington 2-1-1


1230 Broadway
Everett, WA 98201
Size: 3-10
(425) 259-3191

Description of Service

Information and referral specialists connect you with resources you need such as rent assistance, job training, food, shelter, or support groups.

Service Strengths

  • Resource and social service for all Snohomish residents
  • The resource is available immediately by dialing 2-1-1
  • 2-1-1 service is nationally recognized

Service Weaknesses

  • Organization has limited hours of operation
  • Website fails to have clear calls to action for youth
  • Availability and transparency of program

Safe Place


2722 Crittenden Drive
Louisville, KY40209
Size: 10-15
(427) 877-5171

Description of Service

National youth outreach & prevention program for youth under the age of 18 (up to 21 years in some communities) in need of help and safety.

Service Strengths

  • National resource for all youth in need of services
  • Text by phone feature to receive assistance is leading-edge
  • Safe Place logo is nationally recognized

Service Weaknesses

  • There is unclear usage of the trademarked logo
  • Website fails to have clear calls to action for youth
  • Availability and visibility across Snohomish

Safe Place


5830 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA 98203
Size: Varies
(425) 347-6556

Description of Service

Focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness in three areas: providing housing, job training and education services.

Service Strengths

  • Resource and social service for all Snohomish residents
  • Availability of immediate assistance via phone call
  • Curated services for individual needs

Service Weaknesses

  • Services seem to be focused on families not individuals
  • Website fails to have clear calls to action for youth
  • Availability of immediate housing unclear



  • Leading social services portal countywide.
  • Provide its users with services specifically developed to suit their needs.
  • User interface, layout, and experience design meet tech standards



  • If service providers and capacity
  • Working succinctly with the community, local government, and service providers.
  • Viability and credibility of the service.



  • At-risk populations seek easy access to social services
  • Network service providers and resources
  • Curate social services to meet the individual needs.



  • Child Online Protection Act (COPA)
  • Other organizations attempting similar model.
  • Online and phone access for service users.

Target Audiences

Phil Anthropist

“Mistakes are seldom permanent, most of them can be fixed with less difficulty and drama than one imagines, and there’s nothing shameful about them.”

Brand Influencers

Work: Retired

Age: 45-80

Family Size: Married, 1 Child, 2 Dogs

Location: Everett, WA

Character: Donor


Phil is tech-savvy, funny, casual, and has a big heart. He was raised by a single mom and knows the struggle firsthand children can face in their adolescence. When Phil retires, he hopes to volunteer on a board for an organization that supports causes he is passionate about.


  • Wants to start a revolution in human kindness
  • Desires to return all the good deeds made towards him


  • Finds challenging not enough transparency with non-profits
  • Religious organizations are difficult to figure out

Atris Maler

“I can’t deal with abuse anymore. I need to get out of this situation.”

Brand Influencers

Age: 13-24

Work: Student

Family Size: Parent Never Married, Absent Father, Brother

Location: Marysville, WA

Character: Service User


Maler has been in and out of his mom’s home. His stepfather is a heavy drinker and his mother is more focused on his sibling who was fathered by his stepfather. About to turn eighteen, he is still in school but barely passing. He imagines life as a normal child. He would get a job but is not allowed by his parent.


  • Finish high school and go to college.
  • Get a job and buy a car
  • A quiet and comfortable space to call home


  • End the physical and verbal abuse
  • Finding a job as a student
  • Service programs are all wait-listed in Snohomish County

Socia Walker

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.”

Brand Influencers

Age: 24-65

Work: Social Worker

Family Size: Single, 3 cats

Location: Edmonds, WA

Character: Service Provider / Servicer Locator


Sophia has a big case load and it’s growing with minors nearing the adult age. She’s worried the services in Snohomish County are exhausted and finds herself in many dead ends when it comes to services for the kids she represents.


  • Get her master’s in public administration
  • Spend more time with her kitties
  • Go hiking more often


  • Too many dead ends for services
  • Feels like she is failing her client with the lack of resources



The objective of the digital campaign is to provide an online community resource service to Snohomish County residents. The digital campaign will define the web service as the go-to brand for at-risk populations seeking resources and services. The online resource campaign will target at-risk youth, adult individuals, and families as well as donors. 


An online county community resource service is a logical solution based on the research of internet trends and methods for the consumption of online materials for at-risk youth, adult individuals, and families for a growing population.

The Snohomish County’s resource service will:

  • Provide 24/7 customer service
  • Create collaborative partnerships among non/for-profits
  • Create a web presence of resources and services tailored to individuals needs
  • Provide insightful usage and query analytics for community partners
  • Create a brand loyalty via a social media presence to engage, interact, and maintain audience
  • Serve to determine ongoing resources and service needs for the community


In Phase I of the online community resource, a web presence shall be established using existing resource guides and content. The digital campaign outreach plan will be linked to existing county government websites and social media platforms, driving current audiences to the resource. Links on the county sites and social media platforms will encourage viewers to our services site on community resources.

In line with the goals above, the Snohomish County community resource service will provide a directory service using the  Snohomish County Homeless Resource Guide for its online web content. A logo design shall serve as the brand name for the resource (See Logo Design Study). The logo will be included in all communications to establish mission recognition among the community.

*Due to time constraints Phase II shall be discussed with the creation of a new digital marketing campaign.

Mission Name and Logo Design

Three logos were designed based on keywords associated with the words that provide a sense of direction and symbols which for which they can be identified in the Pacific Northwest.

A blind survey was conducted on social media to establish a name for the organization. Thirty-one survey takers were asked questions about their use of community resource services and which logo best they identified with. After a two-week period, the results suggested participants noted Design 3 had the most meaning to them. However, most of the participants favored Design 2 as a brand.

Call to Action

The call-to-action for Phase I of the plan shall be to invite community members to join the Searchlight’s social media page, engage with informative posts and visit the website. The desired outcome of the plan shall be to establish the brand as a go-to resource for at-risk individuals in Snohomish County.

  1. Benefits Appeals
    • state-of-the-art service and resource locator
    • concise and up-to-date directory information for at-risk populations
    • locally based
  2. Creating Buzz
    • Consumers can contribute use stories
    • Member organizations can share the website on their own web presence
    • Press Release
  3. Paid Promotion
    • Social Media
    • Online Advertising
    • Community Events


Snohomish County, Index, Gold Bar, Monroe, Lynwood, Snohomish, Everett, Marysville, Granite Falls, Verlot, Silverton, Bedal, Glacier Peak, Darrington, Oso, Arlington, Stanwood, Mount Lake Terrace, Echo Lake, Halford, Mukilteo, Woods Creek, Sultan, Lake Stevens, Warm Beach, Tualip Bay, Lake Goodwin, Pilchuck

community service, community resources, homeless, homeless shelter, cold shelter, therapy, therapeutic, family reunification, reunification, mediation, addiction, addiction treatment, drug treatment, free meals, food bank, food pantry, hot meals, community lunch, community breakfast, community dinner, vocational training, at-risk youth, suicide, overdose, domestic abuse, abuse, child abuse


SearchLight: Homepage screen shot


Key Performance Indictors (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators shall be measured, recorded, and discussed weekly using the following:

  • Website Visits
  • Social Media Impression
  • Emails Feedback
  • Forms & Survey Responses
  • Google Analytics
References / Credits

All images are used for non-commercial purposes and/or licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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